Tranquility Inviter Rattan(RBI-TIR)

Tranquility Inviter Rattan(RBI-TIR)

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​This mallet is articulate and light with a clear, bright tone. The flexible fiberglass handle provides quick response and easy touch on both cast-spun and hand-hammered tranquility bowls. The short length feels easily maneuverable and comfortable in the hand. The rattan handle offers flex for optimum sound quality and extra length for extended reach when your bowls are farther apart. It elicits a gorgeous full tone on small bowls as well as a transformative “temple bell” sound on larger metal singing bowls.  

These inviters are a case study in simple pleasures. I feel like I’m hearing my tranquility bowls for the first time.” -Benjamin Irons


Handle is 8mm (+/-) diameter x 15” long rattan handle.

The core is a heavy ball with a thick layer of firm rubber tubing covered in synthetic suede fabric.