About Us

Dragonfly Percussion was started by Dinesh Joseph in the back hallway percussion workshop at the Juilliard School in 2000. First there was just one solitary pair of Magic Flute sticks. Then Steve Weiss Music got wind of them and suddenly, there were many pairs, plus several other models in quick succession. Dragonfly entered a long period of dormancy after Dinesh won a job with the Buffalo Philharmonic in 2003. In 2014, in partnership with his excellent wife, Jeannine, Dinesh resurrected Dragonfly from the ashes of home ownership, a multitude of auditions and child rearing. With Jeannine’s finely-tuned business acumen and web-design wizardry and Dinesh’s scatter-brained, highly disorganized creative process, they have expanded Dragonfly’s product line many fold, secured endorsements from some of the finest players in the world and are now shipping mallets worldwide.