Resonance Series F2 Large Ball (RSF2)

Resonance Series F2 Large Ball (RSF2)

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The new Resonance Series F-Line consists of three gong mallets on high-density birch laminate handles.  These beautiful handles are hand-turned by master baton maker Phil Aguglia of PaGu Batons. The birch laminate, which is heavier than hickory, is cut with a slight taper and a small knob on the bottom end.  This design perfectly balances the heavy cores of each model.  Each mallet is wrapped in high-quality synthetic Sherpa fleece.  A removable eye bolt is threaded into the bottom of the stick and sports a color-coded hanging strap for easy identification of each mallet.  


The F2 is a powerful, robust mallet.  The large, heavy ball-shaped core is wrapped in two layers of felt and synthetic Sherpa.  It will generate a huge sound from even your largest gongs.  This mallet is soft, but not super soft, which gives it an effortless response and an amazing overtone spread.  Big lows, but also shimmering highs.  This stick really does it all.