Cup Bowl Inviter Rattan (RBI-CIR)

Cup Bowl Inviter Rattan (RBI-CIR)

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Ideal general purpose inviter for cup bowls 4-6” in diameter.  Also works beautifully on smaller crystal bowls.  Warm, rich sound with a clean, elegant attack. The long rattan handle is great for reaching distances in either private sound therapy or group sound baths.

“This is my go-to mallet for my antique Tibetan cup bowls. I love the full, rich tone, and the comfy, intuitive feel of the mallet in my hand. I’m hearing these bowls at their best with this mallet.” -Benjamin Irons


8.5mm (+/-) x 15” rattan handle.

1 ¼” rubber ball with soft rubber tubing covered in synthetic suede fabric.