Micro Wand (RBI-MW)

Micro Wand (RBI-MW)

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​Sing your smallest singing bowl! Designed for small diameter tranquility and metal singing bowls when the momentum needed to sing the bowl usually outweighs the bowl’s mass. The micro-wand brings a bright, clear tone on bowls that most sound healers would deem “unsingable.” 

“This is my go-to wand for drones on tranquility bells and small cup bowls. I don’t use many 2-3” singing bowls, and this is the only way to sing them. Easy-peezy, tranquility-zy.” -Benjamin Irons

Designed in collaboration with sound healer and musician Benjamin Irons, this line brings innovative new designs and modern materials to the singing bowl arena.  With new and varied timbres and ergonomic designs, these implements will help both casual and expert players elevate their practice.

Benjamin Irons is a sound healer, musician, author, meditation instructor, and lead practitioner at Zen with Ben (Boulder, CO) where he uses singing bowls, gongs, bells, and tuning forks for holistic wellness and stress-related conditions.



⅜” diameter x 7” phenolic handle 

⅝” diameter x 4” plastic cylinder